What is MY starting point?

We are so glad you have visited our church recently!  We hope that you have participated in our TRY 5 Challenge and are ready to take the next step. So here it is.

You may be wondering how to connect with others and grow in Jesus—and we can help you get started. Please attend one of our upcoming Starting Point events so we can welcome you to our church family and help you feel at home here. Come meet Pastor Corey and some of our staff, get to know others who are new, and find out the next steps to getting connected. Bring your questions to the event and we will have people there who can answer them. We look forward to welcoming you!

This will be a time where you can hear more about our vision, mission, values, and how you are a part of God's plan for His church and your purpose.  We have a Starting Point class every 3rd Sunday right after church service.  To register Click Here

Where do I Go Next

After going through our Starting Point class we would really like for you to take the next step through serving on one of our teams.  It is our goal that in 2016 that every member of Mission 217 Church would take the step of becoming a missionary through service!